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Credit: Character © Himaruya Hidekaz

♪ Please note that I am in college Monday-Wednesday, so tagging may be slow or on hold during those days. I will try and catch up on Wednesday evenings. ♪

♪ My time zone is UK, so it's likely I'll be online different times from the majority of players. ♪

♪ I'll try to respond to tags asap, but if I take to long, feel free to poke me. Sometimes I don't get alerts and such. If I'm on hiatus, I will make an effort to let people know. ♪

♪ Disclaimer: I am constantly researching Lithuania and hope to portray him as well as possible. I should also point out that he is taken from present day. ♪

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This is where you can leave crits/comments and other OOC things. Like how I play Lithuania? Hate it? Please let me know so that I can improve!


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Keturi [Voice, English]

[The communicator switches on, and there's a slight pause and some mumbling in Lithuanian, before Toris starts to speak.]

Ah... Thank you for the gifts we recieved, everyone... And I know this is late, but happy Christmas and new year to everyone I couldn't see...

I hope you all had a nice time... o-or something...

[There's another pause, as if the Baltic is going to say something else, but then the communicator is quickly turned off.]

Trys [Voice, English]

[After the communicator is switched on there is a small pause, before Lithuania starts to speak. He sounds tired, and his English words and pronunciation is beginning to get a little rusty. However, he sounds a little better than his last transmission, and from the quiet in the background, one could assume he was inside a building.]

Um... Labas, whoever hears this...

H-Has anybody seen Estonia and Latvia? I'm really worried about them... I'm... not really near where we were staying, I'm somewhere else now. I'll... probably be here for a while.

It would be nice if we could find something to sleep on, though.


I-I mean 'I'.


Uhhh. Yeah, I'm with... Poland and we're staying in a place. But I'd rather not say where for certain reasons.

[An awkward pause.]

What has everybody been eating? I can't really find much.

Du [Voice]

[A scrabbling noise is heard as Lithuania fiddles with the communicator, before he starts to speak. His voice is slightly panicked, and he keeps pausing as if to allow himself to breathe. The Baltic also seems to be holding the communicator further from his mouth than is nessecary, scared that it might shock him again.]

H-Has anyone seen Poland? I just... He was here! Please God, let him be safe.

And this place, I just don't understand it! This thing shocked me yesterday! Are they supposed to do that?! Who's controlling this place? Is anybody even out there? I just want to go home...

And my brothers are in hospital, and ugh. I should have been there for them and... I kinda feel sick. Please visit them?

[Pauses to take a deep breath, and it's a few moments before he speaks again.]

I'll try to keep in contact more, everybody. You have my support.

[Silence, and then the communicator is switched off.]

Vienas [Voice]

[After a little fiddling, Lithuania seems to have managed to turn the device on. The pushing of buttons can be heard as he attempts to figure this thing out. It's not like he wasn't used to technology it was just more Estonia's thing, really. After a short while of mumbling under his breath in Lithuanian, he seems to realise that the device is recording.]

A-Ah! Ummm... Hello?

I'm not really sure where I am and I just wanted to...

P-Poland, if this is your doing... somehow. Or it could be... him.

W-Well anyway, umm... Is there anybody out there? I just got here and I seem to be lost...